Workshop Overview

Stress in the workplace can lead to poor relationships, missed goals, burnout, staff turnover, and even hostility and violence in the workplace. Demands on workers from the workplace or home can sneak up and wreak havoc in what otherwise seemed like a manageable situation. To be proactive, business people and managers must protect against stress and learn to see stress overload in their peers. The objective of this workshop is to provide expert-led content and activities designed to identify, mitigate, and treat stress in the workplace.

In this workshop, our expert instructor will address signs of stress, strategies to avoid a stressful workplace, building a safe workplace, and nurturing happy, healthy employees.

Additional workshop milestones:

  • The levels of stress and how they impact your body, mind, and relationships
  • Anticipating stressful scenarios and redesigning outcomes
  • Reporting stress and strange behaviors
  • Detoxifying and rethinking reactions
  • Knowing when a day off is a smart decision
  • Seeing trouble early – sleeping, eating, and personal interactions
  • Knowing your compass
  • Security in the workplace – strategies to predict trouble

Handouts, Materials, Supplies

We provide both printed and digital content to support all workshop activities and content.

To maximize effectiveness, we provide pre-workshop content online via to prepare the workshop participants with the following:

  • Overview of course objective
  • Key terms
  • Milestones & Modules
  • Case study material

Panel Option

Upon request, we can provide a panel of one to two experts practitioners that can present to and take questions from workshop participants.

Instructor Experience

Instructors are MBA and/or Ph.D. level instructors with more than five years of business training experience.

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