We provide Executive and Business Coaching Services.

Is there a difference, you ask? Yes, there is a big difference.

Executive Coaching is a service designed to improve and elevate the skills and capabilities of an executive.

UpMyBrand strategies can help executives and leaders influence and drive stabilization, growth, and winning cultures. We offer media training, presentation and public speaking skills coaching, and personal branding to make sure you are always polished and on top of your brand.

Business Coaching Services looks beyond the executive’s capabilities and provides coaching, turnaround, and acceleration solutions for the business as well.

UpMyBrand can restore an under-performing, unprofitable business to positive cash flow and coach the owner or executive team back into a growth mode with a renewed strategy for sales and long-term profit generation.

Value Forward Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to drive value and growth that we guarantee fees. Our PROFIT Methodology dictates that we build financial models to forecast the value of your project and your future ROI during our business consulting engagements. We guarantee that you will see and measure value on business consulting projects and services, or we will come back and make it work for you at our own cost. Ask your coach or consultant about the Value Forward Guarantee and how it can work for your engagement.

*** Not all contract types are eligible for the Value Forward Guarantee. We exclude fixed fee projects and other payment structures that require us to share considerable risk with the client. Be sure to ask about this feature during your sales consultation. ***

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