Bridgette has assembled a world class coaching practice. The team boasts experts from numerous disciplines and industries all ready to help you and your company play to win!

Bridgette innovated the executive coaching industry when she founded UpMyBrand, as she built an innovative model designed to provide the right coaching to emerging professionals, Rockstar executives, and entrepreneurs alike. She believes coaching is an essential ingredient for every successful phase of an exceptional career and has made that belief the cornerstone of UpMyBrand’s mission.

After a free coaching assessment, you will be thrilled by the flexible options and coaching packages designed to help you get exactly what you need, no more, and no less.

Organizational Effectiveness

Enhance the performance of your organization or entrepreneurial endeavor with performance and talent strategies that build and increase sales, plan for intensive growth, and transform your organization into a scalable model that supports your growth.

Individual Development

Are you ready to take that high-potential talent and to the next level? Bridgette and her team will help you accelerate employee time-to-value with targeted assessments, leadership coaching and capability development.


Entrepreneur Coaching & Start-Up Services

Are you an Entrepreneur? Awesome! You are the rare breed of risk-taker and visionary. As an Entrepreneur, are you positioning yourself properly with other stakeholders and investors? You need a plan from someone that has been there and won!

Personal Brand & Career Management

Your brand is your way forward. You must have symmetry in your brand with what you are today and what you want to be tomorrow. Once upon a time, this was a nice to have in your career toolbox, but no longer is that the case. You must have a solid, social brand.

Sales Accelerator | Presentation & Media

Want to be a winner? You must be able to influence and drive revenue. Sales excellence is both science and art. To enjoy a long and lucrative career in sales, you must constantly train for greatness. Our sales and presentation coaching program are customized for you.

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