Every great company has a story.

For UpMyBrand, the story begins with a core belief that coaching can bring out the great in every good professional. The UpMyBrand mission is simple: provide a customized coaching offering to every professional seeking to take their career, company, or entrepreneurial endeavor to the next level.

The team of world-class coaches within UpMyBrand delivers coaching and performance enhancement content via private, one-to-one coaching as well as via our online learning management system, Chairman’s Academy.

Why select UpMyBrand for your coaching needs?

Get ready to shake yourself out of that “same old, same old” mindset. Because nothing UpMyBrand offers is about ‘staying the same.’

In fact, your personal, executive coach will challenge you to recognize events and opportunities going on around you that are perfect for your business and crucial to your success.

UpMyBrand’s world-class coaches are unique. They have been rockstars in their field and industry. They have been in the trenches and dealt with the ups, downs, and uncertainty that you are dealing with today.

UpMyBrand’s coaches have used “purposeful disruption” as a growth strategy for years. Because in a fast-moving global economy — and ever-changing business landscape — you’ve got to imagine the scenarios that your competition may already be implementing before they do it.

That’s why UpMyBrand is uniquely qualified to guide you through your journey of personal disruption and transformation. Are you ready to grow?

About our Founder

Bridgette, a CEO | Growth strategist | Author & Speaker, recognized by the American Business Association with numerous awards, innovated the executive coaching industry with the launch of UpMyBrand’s simple to order, use, and value business model. The idea was predicated on Bridgette’s belief that coaching is an essential ingredient for every successful phase of an exceptional career.

Bridgette assembled a world-class team of coaches and business advisors ready to deliver via UpMyBrand’s innovative assessment model designed to provide the flexible, customized packages to those seeking to raise the bar.