Every great company
has a story.

For UpMyBrand, the story begins with a core belief that coaching can bring out the great in every good professional. The UpMyBrand mission is simple: provide a customized coaching offering to every professional seeking to take their career, company, or entrepreneurial endeavor to the next level.

Remember, there is a rock star in you, are you willing to dig deep enough to be at your best?

The team of world-class coaches within UpMyBrand delivers coaching and performance enhancement content via private, one-to-one coaching as well as via our online learning management system, Chairman’s Academy.


Our PROFIT Methodology can be applied to both executive coaching and business consulting engagements. Introduced in the Amazon best-seller Profitable Problem Solving by Dr. Bridgette Chambers, these steps along with a meticulous commitment to project management and attention to detail keep UpMyBrand coaching engagements and projects moving forward smoothly.

Problem Analysis

Use our problem solving analysis tools and expertise to assess and scope the problem. Our approach will guide you into critical areas of problem assessment including complexity, scale, and severity.

Research & Trends

Ph.D. and senior level analysts compile data and public information to support or further your business plan.

Use the research for decision support, project planning, and accountability.

Outline Plan of Action

Building the right plan to apply the appropriate amount of resources, time, and effort will help you design a plan that you can manage to an on-time, on-budget success.

Use our project management approach to design a solid plan.

Forecast & Financials

Our consulting experts will build a budget for the project. Our tools and expertise will keep you on budget and away from cost overruns. We build a forecast for future value that can drive accountability and help calculate your true ROI.

Identify Success Criteria

Using research, trends, budgets, and forecast of future value, we will build an executive dashboard of metrics and financial goals. We hold the project accountable to the success criteria identified in the project plan.

Take Action

We have built our reputation and brand on our ability to execute and drive results. We take action and provide a swift approach to building and delivering value.

Ask about our Value Forward Guarantee.

Why select UpMyBrand for your coaching needs?

Get ready to shake yourself out of that “same old, same old” mindset. Because nothing UpMyBrand offers is about ‘staying the same.’

We are unique in that we provide both executive and business coaching, as well as world-class training. Why would that be unique? Typically a firm specializes in either executive or business coaching. We know that often a business owner or entrepreneur needs personal development, as well as business or consulting services to help them deal with business problems or grow sales and profitability. We are the comprehensive solution providing executive & business coaching that develops leadership, executive skills and winning business strategies.

Additionally, we deliver business coaching and consulting that repairs, accelerate growth, or transforms your business. In other words, we can help you grow as a leader and grow your business.

UpMyBrand’s world-class coaches and consultants are unique. They have been rock stars in their field and industry. They lived in the trenches, dealt with the ups, downs, and uncertainty that you are dealing with today. UpMyBrand is uniquely qualified to guide you through your journey to exceptional success.

How can UpMyBrand make coaching or consulting
work for me when I am so busy?

When you are so busy you can’t seem to find a moment to breathe, you are typically on the verge of a breakthrough or on the edge of a cliff. Either way, UpMyBrand can help.

We can meet in person or via our digital meeting room. Many of our established clients use a combination of both in person and digital meetings; however, there are a number of clients that get exactly what they need in a flexible, convenient, online experience.

We offer meetings times during both regular business hours and after hours. Our goal is to work with you in the most productive, convenient time possible.

About our Founder

The UpMyBrand story….
Established in 2012 by a group of partners led by Dr. Bridgette Chambers. UpMyBrand started as an executive coaching firm focused on executive and senior level management development.

Over the years, clients expressed a need for both executive coaching, as well as business coaching and consulting on priority projects. Chambers responded by re-tooling and re-branding UpMyBrand to provide executive coaching, business coaching & consulting, and world-class training.

More about our founder…
Dr. Bridgette Chambers is an American Business Association award-winning executive, turnaround expert, growth strategist, and successful business author. Chambers released the highly acclaimed business book, Profitable Problem Solving in 2015, and co-authored “From The Court To The Boardroom” in 2017 with four-time gold Olympian and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame member, Lisa Leslie. Chambers is a well-known keynote speaker who has shared the stage with Colin Powell, Lisa Leslie, Seth Godin, Michael Eisner, and other notable personal brands.

Bridgette’s turnaround career created the opportunity to coach hundreds of executives, companies, and entrepreneurs back to productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage. Bridgette always believed much of business and professional failure was preventable. To that end, she innovated the executive coaching industry with the launch of UpMyBrand’s simple to order, use, and value business model. UpMyBrand is unique in that coaches are capable of both executive coaching and business coaching/consulting. This unique blend of coaching and business services helps small and midsize business leaders focus on their professional development and leadership, while driving improvements in the financial, sales, and operational areas of their business.

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