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Success Testimonials from Clients & Partners

  • Profitable Problem Solving is practical, down-to-earth, easy to understand, doable and life changing. Bridgette Chambers gives us the knowledge and tools to make cultural transformation achievable in any sized organization. Bridgette’s approach to leadership, growing businesses, and creating value for the community is well aligned with my own perspective… so much so Bridgette and I are collaborating on our next book together which will focus on empowerment, leadership, and value creation.

    Lisa Leslie Four time Olympic gold medalist, Two-time WNBA Champion, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Sports Analyst and Executive Coach
  • I'm a serial entrepreneur that sets out to grow my business and make a difference everyday. I started working with Bridgette after a keynote she delivered on transformational leadership. During that keynote, I felt like she was talking to me directly and I saw some great ways to transform my company and my leadership style. After the keynote, I engaged Bridgette as an executive coach and strategic advisor. As a result, we have worked closely with her on several strategic initiatives that have delivered huge value.

    Matthew Maday CEO of OnCall Technologies, Chicago, Illinois
  • Making changes in a corporate environment can be intimidating, no matter what level you are at. In Profitable Problem Solving, Bridgette Chambers shows everyone, from entry-level employee to CEO, how to make real changes that can truly impact your job.

    Michael Pytel Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Nimbl, Denver, Colorado
  • Bridgette has been an incredible influence on me since we've started working together. I can't emphasize what a benefit it is to have someone with Bridgette's experience and business acumen acting as a sounding board but also guiding me through major career decisions. She is an authentic and genuine person. It's been obvious to me that Bridgette cares about her clients on a very personal level and she's there to support them whenever it's needed. By working with Bridgette, I have learned about building my personal brand, how to be true to my authentic self, and what things I need to be doing to give myself an opportunity to be successful. Bridgette has an amazing balance in that she will guide you and counsel with you, but never push you into an answer or direction that you're not comfortable with. She also has a remarkable and diverse business background that she can draw on to help her clients. Looking back on some of the pivotal decisions Bridgette has worked with me on, I can't imagine what those situations would have been like without her support and guidance. No matter what stage of your career you are in, having someone like Bridgette in your corner is huge advantage."

    Ben Davis Executive and Client in Houston, TX
  • Bridgette has completely overhauled our approach to branding and marketing in a positive way.  On a fraction of the budget we used to spend on print ads in a local newspaper, we are today using our new website, Facebook page, and multi-channel marketing tools to reach new customers and increase loyalty with existing customers. The tools she has provided are easy to use, the coaching sessions are incredibly helpful, and the cost is less than I would have expected. My family has owned our business for forty years.  I am glad to work with a team that helps us rejuvenate our great family brand and increase our sales.

    Steve Mills Mills Interests, The Woodlands, Texas

Testimonials from Speaking Events & Workshops

  • Bridgette Chambers has earned her wisdom, and she’s not afraid to share it.

    Seth Godin Author, Linchpin
  • Bridgette’s keynotes light up the room and deliver a powerful message of leadership in times of change. I have been in the audience in the US and in India during Bridgette’s keynote sessions and can say that while oceans apart, she brings us all together. I have relied on Bridgette’s strategic perspective to manage many deals for my company and entrepreneurial pursuits.

    Anil Joshi Entrepreneur and CEO of InfoTech Global, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Business majors, small business owners and CEO’s alike will love Profitable Problem Solving. This book is full of motivational stories, advice and real-life solutions for leaders who want to transform their workplace. We wish we had this book when we started.

    Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey America’s #1 Wine Brand Founders, New York Times Bestselling Authors, International Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneurial Trainers
  • I invited Bridgette Chambers to speak at an event hosted by our company in Denver, CO. She kicked off our morning with an innovative way to look at leadership and change management. The feedback from the people in the audience was overwhelmingly positive. Definitely a presence we would like to invite back to our stage.

    Yosh Eisbart Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Nimbl, Denver, Colorado
  • Bridgette possesses the experience, knowledge and robust skill set which any business leader and organization would benefit from. It’s rare to find a book and resource that is easily accessible that provides tools for immediate execution for impact and results. This is a book I will always recommend to clients and colleagues.

    Jennifer Churchill M.B.A., Ph.D., Founder of The Churchill Consulting Group and Build Your Dream Team™ System
  • I have been in the audience while Bridgette was on stage and loved every minute of it. As a coach and entrepreneur, I am excited about what she has accomplished with underperforming companies and struggling entrepreneurs. I love the strategies, the optimism, and the focus on culture. Hooray for having the right focus on the right things.

    Dr. Betty Orlandino Miami, Florida
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