Workshop Overview

Today change and transformation drive more than just corporate survival. Change management and transformation are often a source of innovation and competitive advantage if leaders understand how to plan and implement change. The objective of this workshop is to provide expert-led content and activities designed to support business leaders understanding of how to harness the power of effective change management.

In this workshop, our expert instructor will cover change management methodology, planning, implementation, communication, and adoption.

Additional workshop milestones:

  • Understanding change management
  • Discovering the impact of systems and technology on change management
  • Change management planning
  • Selecting project stakeholders
  • Communication planning and implementation
  • Leadership during transformation
  • Exploring a simulated change project
  • Understanding the community – Introducing the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP®)

Handouts, Materials, Supplies

We provide both printed and digital content to support all workshop activities and content.

To maximize effectiveness, we provide pre-workshop content online via to prepare the workshop participants with the following:

  • Overview of course objective
  • Key terms
  • Milestones & Modules
  • Case study material

Panel Option

Upon request, we can provide a panel of one to two experts practitioners that can present to and take questions from workshop participants.

Instructor Experience

Instructors are MBA and/or Ph.D. level instructors with more than five years of business training experience.

Specifically, for this course, our instructors are members of The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP®).

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