Workshop Overview

Mediation and workplace dispute management are key skills that business leaders must know to manage risk and disputes effectively. The objective of this workshop is to provide expert led content and activities designed to support and help business leaders in implementing an easily adaptable framework for mediating B2B and employee-related disputes.

In this workshop, our expert instructor will cover both internal and external mediation and dispute resolution scenarios including:

  • Internal company dispute resolution which includes employee grievances, sub-contractor grievances, and union-related grievances. This includes an overview of EEO, EEOC, and discrimination related complaints.
  • External company dispute resolution which includes customers, strategic partners, and supplier related grievances.

Additional workshop milestones:

  • Conflict management methodology and tactics
  • The difference in legal issues and business issues
  • Exploring mediation, litigation, and arbitration
  • Ethics

Handouts, Materials, Supplies

We provide both printed and digital content to support all workshop activities and content.

To maximize effectiveness, we provide pre-workshop content online via to prepare the workshop participants with the following:

  • Overview of course objective
  • Key terms
  • Milestones & Modules
  • Case study material

Panel Option

Upon request, we can provide a panel of one to two experts practitioners that can present to and take questions from workshop participants.

Instructor Experience

Instructors are MBA and/or Ph.D. level instructors with more than five years of business training experience.

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